Our Story



Since 2012, SoPro has delivered the strategic, operational, and transactional support for-profit and nonprofit social enterprises need to scale. Clients engage SoPro because they have reached an inflection point. Business processes that got them to $1 million to $3 million in revenues are straining to keep up. If they’re going to truly succeed, they must define their end game and use their momentum to reach the next level – new investors, more specialized management, lower cost per sale. SoPro offers experienced, senior-level support to manage social enterprises’ transition to $20 million in revenues and beyond.

Clients come to us because their bookkeeping is working against them. Without quality financial management, they can’t raise the right capital or scale. They need a full-service finance function with Controller and CFO oversight. I started SoPro to take advantage of today’s cloud computing and provide a service that was unavailable when I began working with social enterprises – outsourced accounting and financial services, all in the right-proportions, on a part-time basis, to help social enterprises scale more efficiently.

– Sam Hartwell, CFO & Founding Partner