Risk Management




Here’s a statement most entrepreneurs don’t like: risk is a profit killer. However, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take risks – only that you can increase profits by mitigating the downside of the ones  you take. SoPro can help you manage your exposure to different kinds of business risk including strategic, financial, operational, and compliance risk.

How it Works – Risk Management

  • We ascertain and appraise areas of business risk
  • We estimate the probability of loss due to these risks
  • We help you select optimum methods for protecting against losses
  • You implement internal procedures to minimize these losses
  • You select a broker and types of insurance for any significant, remaining risk

Benefits of Risk Management

Identifying and managing risk plays a key role in determining business profitability and success. SoPro uses risk management tools to help you align risk-taking with performance and increase stakeholder confidence by protecting against catastrophic business risk. You’ll sleep better knowing you have dealt with risks responsibly.