Accounts Payable




If you like discounts then you should pay suppliers promptly. SoPro uses technology to streamline your accounts payable process, while improving internal controls. With our online payment gateway, your bills are automatically routed to us for coding and downloading into your accounting platform. You view bills online and prioritize which ones to pay electronically. We’ll also process employee expenses, to ensure your staff get reimbursed quickly.

How it Works – Purchase Order to Payment Process

  • We link your bank account and credit cards to a secure payment gateway
  • We coordinate with your vendors to send bills to the payment gateway
  • We assist you in creating purchase orders for other suppliers
  • Your SoPro accountant downloads and codes the items
  • We attach all documents available to the transaction
  • Any non-compliant expenses are flagged for additional review
  • The information is then routed to you for approval
  • Once approved by you, a designated SoPro user releases payment online

Benefits of Purchase Order to Payment Process

With at least two levels of role-based permissions for payables, you remain in complete control of what bills get paid when. Each proposed payment contains a link to a scanned invoice so you know what you’re paying for. Once paid, the vendor, bill, and transaction amounts are synced between your bank account and accounting platform – eliminating re-keying of data. Our efficient bill payment workflow, along with a procurement audit trail and accounts payable review, help reduce risk of fraud and enhanced accuracy of financials.