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If your Controller is focused on past results then, by default, the CFO is forward-looking. And that’s a good thing because your business success depends upon sustaining a model that yields greater impacts and returns over time. A CFO will identify key drivers of cash flow, profitability, and business valuation to create a roadmap for growing strategically. Without these milestones, the CEO runs blind regarding key investment decisions.

Going forward, the CFO will stay laser-focused on business model performance. Closely monitoring value creation over time is essential to future fundraising success. If too much cash is used to reach a milestone that doesn’t create commensurate value, investors may choke during your next round of financing. We’ll help ensure incremental investments drive interesting ROI and that capital is “de-risked” at each milestone.


  • We help you define and manage a sustainable business model
  • We implement a data driven approach to business management
  • We monitor progress towards milestones and business value creation over time
  • We help with business planning, break-even analysis, and risk management
  • We analyze how changes in strategy impact expected financial outcomes
  • On request, we provide fundraising, debt financing, and valuation assistance



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