Sales Operations




Many early-stage companies (those completing A rounds of funding) and nonprofits (those raising $5 to $10 million a year) do not have developed sales processes. This creates huge risks and stress for the enterprise, which are often compounded by the disposition of founders (for whom being opportunistic has so far worked well) and the head of sales or fundraising (who view these processes as dependent on closing one or two large deals).

How it Works – Sales Operations

  • We breakdown goals into different sales/fundraising sources
  • We help your team define the sales/fundraising process for each source
  • We determine how much effort and time is needed for each step of each process
  • We assess whether your organization actually has the capacity to achieve all steps
  • We put in place systems to help ensure efforts are applied in the right proportions
  • We monitor the sales/fundraising plan, so you may assess whether it is on track

Benefits of Sales Operations

Just because something’s hard to predict doesn’t mean it can’t be managed. As companies grow, they develop sophisticated “sales ops” to generate revenue more predictably. SoPro can help your business bridge this developmental gap by integrating sales and fundraising processes with the overall financial plan so your company can grow consistently and profitably, while reducing the pressure of having to pull a rabbit out of the hat at year-end!