Cash Flow




The adage “Cash is King” refers to the importance of cash to the fiscal health of an organization. And like all tyrants, you’ll regret not having its good graces, to either survive a down market or capitalize on growth opportunities. A company can have large amounts of receivables, but still lack enough cash for short-term operations. Unless it is able to convert its current assets to cash quickly, it could be bankrupt despite a positive net worth.

How it Works – Cash Flow Management

  • We provide advanced tools you need to project cash flows – and we institute a rolling forecast approach that ensures visibility well past the current fiscal year
  • Because revenue is typically the biggest variable, we specialize in partnering with sales operations to build and monitor a reliable pipeline forecasting system
  • We help ensure invoices get out and are paid in a timely fashion and we make deposits, track receivables, oversee collections, and prepare reports
  • We meet to varify you understand your cash position each reporting period – and help devise strategies if your forecast shows a cash crunch ahead

Benefits of Cash Flow Management

Most CEOs understand the value of forecasting cash. The key benefit is visibility. The further out you can reliably predict cash flows, the earlier you will spot a potential problem, and the more options you will have for dealing with it successfully. However, projecting cash flows is futile if you don’t have the resources or discipline to work through a concerted process. SoPro’s cash flow management services include advanced budgeting and forecasting. These compliment standard credit and payment policies as well as diligent receivable collections.