Why Outsource




Outsourcing is the trend for activities that are not core business competencies. For years, companies have outsourced their legal, advertising, printing, and IT functions to improve service levels while reducing costs. Now, many organizations are contracting out finance and accounting to similarly improve their value for service.

The truth is finance and accounting will never be a core competency of your business if you don’t have the resources to competently manage these complex functions. That’s why it makes sense small- and medium-sized businesses are now outsourcing these services too – to get a fractional share of experienced Controllers and CFOs who can get things done right.

Outsourcing finance or accounting might be a smart move for your company if:

  • You’re spending too much time managing your accounts while neglecting other aspects of your business
  • You get little value from your in-house department because it doesn’t have the expertise to do the work properly
  • You can’t support a full-time CFO who could properly manage the in-house finance and accounting functions


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