Policies & Procedures




One of the first things we do is document your accounting policies and procedures. The resulting “Accounting Policies and Procedures Manual” includes detailed instructions for capturing your business’ daily financial activity, as well as specific tasks to be performed for monthly, quarterly, and annual closings.

How it Works – Policy & Procedures

  • We go through your financial operation to see if “best practice” are being followed
  • We develop policies and procedures outlining staff roles and responsibilities
  • We document your policies and procedures in an easy to read, organized manual
  • We design your policies and procedures with an eye towards internal controls
  • We assist in implementing the manual, including staff orientation and training

Benefits of Policy & Procedures

Without clearly written policies and procedures, your auditors won’t have a reliable basis for determining compliance and, likewise, you may find it difficult to hold your accounting team answerable. Adherence to accounting best practices and standards creates consistency and accountability throughout your company. It also helps SoPro to train staff in the event of turnover so we can maintain the continuity of your financial operations.